Almost all creatives are in constant fight against the relentless wave of online theft and illegal publication of their Intellectual Property.

  • Internet businesses, whether small or large, face theft of entire websites. If not that, then for sure their expensive marketing and advertising materials, SEO and content are constantly being reposted without permission
  • People like you and me (and especially social media users). The rise of revenge content posting and user-generated content sites has fueled an epidemic of personal content theft never seen before. The user-generated content theft had (and still has) profound negative impact on  all content creators. Young people in particular had to go through severe emotional traumas inflicted by sharing their personal content online.
  • Musicians, artists and content creators are ceaselessly targeted by Intellectual Property thieves.
  • Content publishers, broadcasters and distributors bear the quite expensive responsibility for online/digital IP protection and law enforcement. That includes everything – from expensive protection measures to filing lawsuits against Intellectual Property thieves.
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and web hosting companies also bear a heavy burden with the additional operational costs of processing and the ever-increasing number of takedown notices.
  • Website owners, whether new or old, have struggled to figure out how to “play by the rules”, so not only to ensure IP content is protected, but also to avoid prosecution for hosting illegal content.
  • More solutions and options available to content owners and publishers.
  • More information so that anyone dealing with online digital content can have better understanding  what he/she can do about IP protection and theft
  • More resources so that everyone involved can access a better set of tools for action and protection against cyber stealing.
  • More transparency throughout the entire content protection and takedown protocol. The process had to be clearer and easier for all participants. All concerned parties ( Owners >>> ISPs>>>Websites) needed to better understand what they could do, whether they were protecting their digital IP or pursuing law enforcement of their ownership rights.

This service is a community of users with shared interest in content protection and IP enforcement which make the publishing and usage of web content better. The Shield website badge and certificate show the regular user that the website they are on is registered with Shield Bulgaria.

We, the people

The second best part – we didn’t leave out ordinary people like social media users. The advent of camera-equipped smart phones, text messaging, and finally social networking created loads of “personal content.” Regular internet users literally overnight became content creators. Unfortunately, very often they know very little about the internet and how it works.

Shield Bulgaria has created specific services to help this group of internet users:

  • Community protection
  • Handling downloads
  • Consistency
  • No matter where you live
  • No matter what your cyber skills are

If you have been a victim of content theft and your content has been published without your permission, we have created services to help you cope with this.

  1. Professional Removal – We do all the work. People – real people helping real people – in the takedown equation. Servicing people has always been a focus for every one of us since the very beginning.
  2. Personal Removal – For those on a budget we offer a complete DIY service. Related Searches, Searches, Notices, Scans, Creation of Takedown Form, Case Management System, etc.