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Protect your content.

Start protecting your online content with Shield Bulgaria. Easy solution to protect photos, videos, written content, software, and Copyright objects.

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Keep content thieves away!

Protect your website content with our security badges.

Content thieves will think twice.
Your own security certificate.
Monitoring of your secure pages.
An effective way to combat copyright infringement.

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Protection certificate

Let people know that you are protected by Shield Bulgaria and your content is protected with a Protection Status Certificate

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How we protect your Content ?

This service is a community of users with common interests in content protection and law-enforcement who make the publishing and use of internet content better on so many levels. We have developed our proprietary software that monitors your content 24/7 and if it is published anywhere without your permission, we automatically receive a notification and start the process of taking it down.

What can we get removed/taken down for you?







Why Shield Bulgaria?


Timing is everything

Speed of action matters! You need to remove your stolen content as quickly as possible. The less time your content stays published, the better, for so many reasons. We are well aware that removing your content quickly is important. All of our takedown cases use date and time codes to track the process.

It only takes 3 minutes to complete our takedown application form and start your case. We will most likely take down your content before you can even find a lawyer to work on your case.

Practice makes perfect.

Shield Bulgaria’s vast experience with takedown cases means our team knows the fastest way to get your stolen content removed from internet. We have set up the right processes and procedures in place to handle all kind of IP violations. Shield Bulgaria has built up a takedown handling system that creates the most efficient, fast and effective content removal technology, be it just one or one million takedown transactions.

Using Shield Bulgaria is just cheaper and faster.

Lawyers are experts in law – we at Shield Bulgaria are qualified internet experts. Lawyers’ business is the law and ours is the internet and this is exactly the reason why we can do what we do faster and cheaper!

There are indeed a number of situations where hiring a lawyer is a must. The legal professionals are our valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, protection of content and the prosecution of copyright content thieves. Shield Bulgaria often works in collaboration with lawyers to help them fight copyright infringers around the world. It is common as well for us to work with attorneys or law firms to serve our own customers. It also happens that we assist a law firm to have its copyrighted content taken down.